Andy Menzie - Multiple Subject Tutor

About Andy

Hello.  I am a retired high school teacher with thirty years' classroom experience.  I have taught and tutored a wide variety of courses.  Additionally, I have worked with students in other capacities, such as coach, advisor, mentor, and dorm parent.  Thus, I have learned to use all manner of tools to connect with students and to help find find improvement, confidence, and success. 

I am very passionate about education and am firmly commited to doing my job to the best of my ability.

As a tutor, my goal is that my clients will develop their skills, increase their understanding, and most importantly, gain the confidence in their own abilities so as to be able to achieve success on their own.  To me, tutoring is so much more than just helping a student complete their assignments, earn a higher mark on a test, or write a better essay.  It is an opportunity to help that student move forward with the assurance that they have a firm grasp of the material as well as an assortment of tools and the wisdom to employ them effectively, not only in the classroom, but in life.  

  • Courses tutored
    • Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Advanced Algebra/Trig, Precalculus
    • Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Living Environment
    • Global History, US History 
    • ELA 9, 10, and 11
  • Courses taught
    • HS Math through Precalculus
    • Physics
    • Global History
    • US History
    • Participation in Government
    • Public Speaking
  • College Education
    • Masters in Teaching - Union(Clarkson) University
    • Bachelor of Art - History
    • Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering

I am willing to tutor in person, but have also used ZOOM and Google Meet as a means of connecting with students

"A mind is not a vessel to be filled. but a fire to be kindled."  - Plutarch